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What tea can't drink? What are the teas that you can't drink?

What tea can't drink? What are the teas that you can't drink?

Onthestreetsofmanycities,therearestallsof“sellingandselling”springtea.However,afterthefriedteaisbought,itcannotbeimmediatelyconsumed.Nowadays,thefriedteaisnotonlyflammable,butalsohasnotbeenoxidized.Thecontentofpolyphenolsishigh,andthecontentofaldehydesandalcoholsisalsohigh.Ithasastrongstimulatingeffectonthestomachandintestinalmucosa.Itcausesstomachpainandbloatingafterdrinking.Inaddition,thecurrentfriedteaalsocontainsmoreactivecomponentssuchascitricacidandcaffeine.Afterdrinkingalot,therewillbedizziness,limbweaknessandother"teadrunk"phenomenon.Therefore,afterthefriedteaisbought,itmustbestoredforatleast10days.Afterthepolyphenolsarefullyoxidized,theywillbesoakedandconsumed.Otherwise,itwillbeunhealthyforyourhealth. Duringthegrowthandpickingprocess,therearesomepesticidesorfineimpuritiesonthesurface,whicharenotwashedbeforefrying.Therefore,theheadteacanplaytheroleofwashingtea,usingboilingwaterbelow80°C.Halfacupofbrewing,pourtheteadowninabout1minute.Thewashedtealeavescanbebrewed. Thefollowingeightkindsofteaarenotdrinkable: Long-timeteaTeahasbeensoakedfortoolong,andmanyofthesubstancesthatareharmfultothehumanbodyaresoakedup.Especiallytheovernighttea,orthetasteofthetea,evenifitcannottastethetaste,butmostofthemarebreedingandbreedingalargenumberofbacteria.Teacontainsalotofprotein,mostofwhichisnotdissolvedinhotwaterandremainsintealeaves.Afterbrewing,theproteinontheteawillrot,andifitisleftfortoolong,therewillbeamold.Atthesametime,alargeamountoftannicacidremainsinthetea,andafteroxidation,itbecomesastrongoxidewithstimulation,whichcausesirritationtothestomachandcausesinflammation. HotteaTeaisusuallybrewedwithboilingwater,butitcannotbeusedwhenitisoverheated.Overheatedthingsareextremelydetrimentaltothehumanstomach. ColdteaTeashouldbewarmanddrink,coldteahasthedisadvantagesofchillingandgathering. Mildewteacontainsalotoftoxins. StrongteaStrongteacontainsalotofcaffeine,theophylline,etc.,whichisveryirritating.Drinkingstrongteacancauseinsomnia,headache,tinnitus,vertigo,andbadforthestomach.Somepeoplealsohavevomiting. Atasteofteaistoxic,suchaspaint,camphorandsoon. JiaoweiTeaTheteathathasbeenovercookedhasbeenlost,andthetasteisnotgood. OvernightteaEspeciallytheteathathaschangedtaste,evenifitcannottastethetaste,butmostofthemarebreedingandbreedingalargenumberofbacteria.

On the streets of many cities, there are stalls of “selling and selling” spring tea. However, after the fried tea is bought, it cannot be immediately consumed. Nowadays, the fried tea is not only flammable, but also has not been oxidized. The content of polyphenols is high, and the content of aldehydes and alcohols is also high. It has a strong stimulating effect on the stomach and intestinal mucosa. It causes stomach pain and bloating after drinking. In addition, the current fried tea also contains more active components such as citric acid and caffeine. After drinking a lot, there will be dizziness, limb weakness and other "tea drunk" phenomenon. Therefore, after the fried tea is bought, it must be stored for at least 10 days. After the polyphenols are fully oxidized, they will be soaked and consumed. Otherwise, it will be unhealthy for your health.


During the growth and picking process, there are some pesticides or fine impurities on the surface, which are not washed before frying. Therefore, the head tea can play the role of washing tea, using boiling water below 80 °C. Half a cup of brewing, pour the tea down in about 1 minute. The washed tea leaves can be brewed.


The following eight kinds of tea are not drinkable:


Long-time tea Tea has been soaked for too long, and many of the substances that are harmful to the human body are soaked up. Especially the overnight tea, or the taste of the tea, even if it can not taste the taste, but most of them are breeding and breeding a large number of bacteria. Tea contains a lot of protein, most of which is not dissolved in hot water and remains in tea leaves. After brewing, the protein on the tea will rot, and if it is left for too long, there will be a mold. At the same time, a large amount of tannic acid remains in the tea, and after oxidation, it becomes a strong oxide with stimulation, which causes irritation to the stomach and causes inflammation.


Hot tea Tea is usually brewed with boiling water, but it can not be used when it is overheated. Overheated things are extremely detrimental to the human stomach.


Cold tea Tea should be warm and drink, cold tea has the disadvantages of chilling and gathering.


Mildew tea contains a lot of toxins.


Strong tea Strong tea contains a lot of caffeine, theophylline, etc., which is very irritating. Drinking strong tea can cause insomnia, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, and bad for the stomach. Some people also have vomiting.


A taste of tea is toxic, such as paint, camphor and so on.


Jiaowei Tea The tea that has been overcooked has been lost, and the taste is not good.


Overnight tea Especially the tea that has changed taste, even if it can not taste the taste, but most of them are breeding and breeding a large number of bacteria.