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As the tea industry's prestigious Dodge white tea brand, it has created a precedent for tea franchise operation; standardization, specialization and modularization have provided strong support for the healthy and rapid growth of Dodge White Tea franchise business. At the same time, through the efficient implementation of management by the excellent team at the headquarters, it provides franchisees with a higher success rate of chain operation support.


A. Support before opening:


Consulting services: Provide pre-consultation services on the tea industry and joining Dodge White Tea.

Business Circle Assessment: A professional development team provides systematic business district assessment data.

Store design: Duoqi white tea professional design team, to provide the store design requirements in line with the actual store demand, Duoqi white tea standard.

Training support: early tea art training, sales training, management training, etc.


B. Support when opening:


Opening planning: Provide a complete opening plan from pre-announcement to store sales.
Opening Guidance: A professional team that provides systematic opening instructions.
Staff support: When the company is opened, a professional team will assist the franchise store to open.
Marketing support: Integrated support and services from sales skills to sales promotion programs.


C. After opening (operating) support:


Regional protection: The interests of franchisees are fully guaranteed within the protected area.
Good preparatory mechanism: adequate preparatory mechanism to deal with various events.
Marketing support: regular national unified promotion and promotion.
Management support: Regularly hold franchisees and store managers' meetings to improve the management level of franchisees.
Information network support (national network distribution, website, ERP system, etc.).
Good after-sales service system: membership system, 400 customer service center, tea art performance, official website, alliance business.
Product R&D Support: The development team of Duoqi White Tea has continuously developed new products that meet the needs of market development.
Supervisory support: Regular supervision, discovery and assistance in solving problems in the franchisee business process