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A. no initial fee for initial membership.
Initially the contract was signed for about three years. If you continue to join, sign for one year. It can also be modified according to the wishes of the franchisees. The initial fee is generated after the second renewal, based on 15%-30% of the total annual purchase amount. According to different regional stores, etc. The margin is used to ensure that the franchise store strictly abides by the franchise contract and rules during the franchise operation. If the franchise contract expires, if there is no contract renewal during the contract period, the headquarters will refund the interest rate without interest. . Pay when signing the letter of intent to join.

B. The profit margin is large and the prospect of making money is optimistic.

C. service advantages:
I. shop service:
(1) the choice of the address by the local franchisee, the head office gives reference
(2) The headquarters will formulate corresponding construction policies according to the service items that can be carried out by the storefront, so as to achieve professional standards, reduce or avoid the franchisees from working in the actual operation process due to certain details, resulting in disordered work or unqualified Construction failure, damage compensation;
(3) Free training (study training) on ​​sales knowledge of sales personnel before opening;
II. Advantages of new product service: For the development of new products, the headquarters will be accompanied by relevant materials and electronic download courses to give guidance.
III. Management services:
(1) The company has a complete on-site operation management system and service system (including complaints).
(2) On-site store operation management has perfect management standards and processes. It is mainly divided into five aspects: goods, personnel, shopping environment, services, and business.
(3) At the same time, the company provides high-quality goods for franchisees, and also protects consumers with quality after-sales service. Regularly arrive at physical stores every year to give new business explanations and related tea culture knowledge
(4) Most of the company's products are processed and produced by its own factories, and some adopt OEM cooperation. The company has an independent product research and development team. Quality assessment, health monitoring and processing technology are strictly controlled.

D. Marketing support and incentive mechanism: service and management, brand value-added.
In the form of communication, United Fortune Story, Economic Observer, Global Chinese Business, China Business Daily, Beijing Business Daily, Beijing News, Beijing Daily, Straits Tea Ceremony, Tea World, "Global Events Network" and other well-known TV programs, newspapers, magazines and online media reported on Dodge White Tea from different angles, recorded the development of Dodge White Tea, and painted the future of Dodge White Tea.

E. Standard systemized brand operation.