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  Macro analysis of the industry: China is the hometown of tea. The tea culture is profound and profound. With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's pursuit of health, taste and cultural life is getting higher and higher, and the acceleration of global integration is everywhere. The blending of life and consumption habits is getting faster and faster. The perception of tea in the north and the south is more and more consistent. Tea is more and more recognized by more people as a traditional health, culture and taste drink, but There are standardization and standardized production difficulties in the Chinese tea production chain, as well as the lack of talents, the lack of marketing, and the weak brand operation. China's tea industry faces enormous challenges, so professional and standardized brand operations will become The best way to solve this situation.

  Fujian Fuding Southeast White Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a compact enterprise integrating tea planting, processing and sales. It is an early enterprise engaged in organic food development in China. The processing capacity of white tea is more than 300 tons, which is the origin of white tea. --- The only professional white tea production enterprise in Fuding City is also the science and technology demonstration base of the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Commission and the Provincial Agriculture Department. It undertakes the research on white tea standardization research and the environment of tea withering environment. The company has self-support import and export rights, and has successfully passed QS certification, and has passed HACCP and ISO9001 quality system certification. Our company was approved in September 2010, and established the “Fulling Works of Vocational Skills Appraisal of Specialized Types of Hangzhou Tea Research Institute of the China National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives”, which can train tea processing, junior and middle-level tea critics, tea artists and other types of work. Tea business English training is attached.

  The company mainly produces "Duoqi" organic white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, jasmine tea, special craft tea and other products. In 2004 and 2007, the “Fuding Ice White Tea” and “Southeast White Tea Cake” products independently researched and developed by the company were listed in the same year and were recognized by consumers.

  The company's products have won the title of tea king, gold medal and silver medal in the national tea quality evaluation for many times; the company's white tea was named as the famous tea in Fujian Province; the company's products have provided white tea for the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and received members and experts. The company has obtained the organic tea certification certificate, the well-known trademark of Ningde City, the geographical indication label of the “Doqi” brand Fuding white tea origin product awarded by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the recommendation brand of China Sanlu Engineering Restoration Tea Chinese Tea Association, China Tea Industry Museum. The standard tea of ​​the collection is “Designated Supplier of White Silver Needle in 2009” and a leading enterprise in Ningde City.

  The company has carefully created the “Duoqi” brand, using modern circulation means, actively developing franchise operations, establishing a perfect sales network, and continuously expanding market share. "Southeast White Tea is honest and the quality of the world leads the health". The company takes the customer first as its tenet and wins the customer's heart with integrity. We will warmly welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate business and seek common development with the best quality and best service. .

  2. The benefits of the franchise chain model for franchisees

  First, it can reduce the risk of entrepreneurship and increase the chances of success.

  In today's increasingly competitive environment, market opportunities are becoming less and less for independent entrepreneurs of small capital. Every year, the fact that tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have closed down in the country tells us that a fund with limited funds and inexperienced investors to create their own business independently in a highly saturated market environment is difficult and risky. If investors choose a franchise chain with good performance, strong strength and high reputation, and join its chain network, its chances of success will be greatly improved. A famous Chinese saying: The tree is well shaded. Small investors join the franchise network, have a chain headquarters as a "backing", and can get professional and technical assistance from the headquarters, which is indeed a shortcut to success for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

  Second, franchisees can get systematic management training and business assistance.

  A new store has to find a feasible management method on its own, which often takes a long time. Perhaps before the management method matures, the store cannot maintain because of the detour. But if an investor joins the chain headquarters, he doesn't have to start from scratch. Even though he has no professional knowledge and management experience at all, he can immediately get training in management skills, business practices and business knowledge at headquarters. These experiences have been proven to be effective after many years of practice at headquarters, and have formed a standardized management system. It is extremely easy for franchisees to copy these standardized management methods.

  Third, franchisees can concentrate on purchasing goods, reduce costs, and ensure supply.

  The biggest advantage of chain operation is mainly reflected in centralized purchase and distribution. Due to the large scale and strong strength of the franchise headquarters, it is possible to obtain a lower purchase price, thereby reducing the purchase cost and achieving a price competitive advantage. At the same time, because the franchise headquarters is organized, the blindness of the independent store is overcome in the purchase, and the distribution of the headquarters is fast, the franchisee can push the inventory of the goods to a minimum, so that the inventory cost is correspondingly reduced. The franchisees have unloaded the burden of purchasing, and only need to focus all their efforts on merchandising, which speeds up the flow of goods and raises the level of profit.

  After the franchisees have centralized and unified purchases from the headquarters, another major advantage is that they can fully guarantee the supply and prevent the products from being broken. Insufficient replenishment, out of stock goods is a common phenomenon in some individual retailers. In the long run, it will inevitably affect the reputation and customers of the store. The franchisees do not need to worry about this, and the headquarters has provided them with fast and convenient product distribution services.

  Fourth, franchisees can use uniform trademarks and standardized services.

  Consumers in modern society are not only concerned with the price of goods. The good image and high quality service of the store has become the first choice for consumers. Therefore, for an entrepreneur who is involved in the business, the most troublesome problem is that I don’t know how to improve my reputation and attract consumers, the so-called “sounding signboard”. Of course, he can use a large number of advertisements to launch an offensive. However, the average self-employed person has limited funds, and he wants to create his own signboard.

  In most cases, the franchise headquarters has established a good public image and high-quality goods service. If investors join the chain, they can share the intangible assets of the company, so that their popularity and reputation will increase. From the consumer's point of view, the franchisee's branch is generally regarded as a company under a certain group, thereby increasing the sense of trust. Therefore, the franchisee can “borrow the ladder of others and climb the building of their own development”. Use this advantage to quickly stabilize the market position.

  Fifth, the franchisee can reduce the advertising expenses and achieve good publicity.

  After the self-employed people join the chain organization, they can enjoy the good reputation and popularity that have already been established, and it is self-evident to save the advertising expenses of “starting the signboard” when starting the business.

  Sixth, the franchisees are more likely to get support from the distribution headquarters.

  For an independent operator or a start-up entrepreneur, the most concern and the most difficult thing is the fund raising. They often fail to open the business because of the lack of funds or insufficient funds, lose good market opportunities, or because the capital turnover is not working. In trouble. If they join the chain, the fundraising is relatively easy. If the chain headquarters is a franchisee with good business ability, but some funds are temporarily unable to be in place, the company will adopt the method of distributing goods to support the opening of new stores. The franchisee can run the store smoothly in the early stage.

  Seventh, the franchisee can obtain the protection of the distribution area of ​​the chain headquarters.

  This can avoid vicious competition with the shops, jointly deal with other competitors, and guarantee the interests of both parties.

  Eighth, franchisees can obtain a wider range of sources of information

  Since the franchise chain headquarters will process the information data collected from the franchisees and report it to the franchisees in time, and conduct market research and analysis on various surrounding environments at any time, including: changes in consumption levels, changes in consumption trends, etc. This allows the franchisees to take early action.